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I still remember the interview at the Bay of Plenty Polytechnic, now known as Toi Ohomai Institute of Technology. Explaining art pieces from college as though they were determining my future. Little did i know, that interview was a breeze compared to the studying my life had very quickly planned for me for the next 3 years. 

The 2 years prior to graduating with a Diploma in Computer Graphic Design at Bay of Plenty Polytechnic was the right way to determine which direction I wanted to go in the way of Design. It was my very first introduction to design as it wasn't a class option at my secondary school. 


Following the first degree I completed another year art The University of Waikato turning the Diploma into a Bachelors degree. I decided if I could squeeze in one more year to better myself, and give myself a chance to grow up a little more it would be better in terms of career and finding a job. 

No one tells you before studying how difficult it is to find a job in the creative industry, even more so in a small country like New Zealand. Every job application seems to require a minimum amount of experience of 2 years, which immediately rules out freshly capped graduates. 

"Fine, I'll work for myself" 

Illustrated Flamingo, 







Standard hourly rate:                                                             $65.00
This includes creative branding for start up businesses, from logo, signage, advertisements and labelling. 



Odd jobs


- Chalk Board Menu's
- Book Illustrations
- Brand Editing
- Charity Projects

From start to finish Chrissy was amazing, her work ethic and dedication to help me achieve what I wanted was incredible. I would highly recommend Chrissy to anyone without a doubt and look forward to seeing her crazy talent come to life in the near future.
— Shama Cressy


Prices are depending on difficulty and size of project, Contact us for a more accurate quote regarding your project specifically, do not be afraid to send doodles, images or write up, be precise about what you're looking for!

A4- 210 x 297 mm                                                              $120.00
A3- 297 x 420 mm                                                              $155.00
A2- 420 x 594 mm                                                              $180.00

Prices include 3 rough concepts before final image production and all types of media, eg. paint, watercolour, sketch, pastel, chalk, charcoal etc. 


I may be able to help you with a number of creative services that  have not made the list, don't be shy, flick us a line or simply send us an email via the contact form below. 





Wellington Shoebox Christmas, the present piles are growing. Sourced by Pera Barrett, 2017

Wellington Shoebox Christmas 

What is it about? 

"We're not trying to change the world, we're just reaching out to the kids who will. Shoebox Christmas delivers Christmas presents, wrapped in a shoebox, to kids who could do with an extra smile on Christmas Day. We do this by working alongside low decile schools, pre-schools, Women's Refuge, and community organisations." - Pera Barrett


Wellington Shoebox is not only the best voluntary project I could proud myself in being a part of, but also the perfect way to give back to those who aren't as fortunate as the rest of us. The Shoebox project involves a massive incredible team of people who voluntarily give their time away to make every kid in a low decile school smile every Christmas.


I want to be like them when I’m older
— Myself

If you're interested in the project, or would really like to sign up for 2018, click the link below! Let's make another kid smile again this Christmas!

 Image sourced by Vanessa Te Huia, Principal of Benneydale School, 2017 

Image sourced by Vanessa Te Huia, Principal of Benneydale School, 2017 

Designed by former pupil, Chrissy Paterson, the artwork was unveiled at the beginning of the term infant of a large crowd of students, parents and members of the community.
— Waitomo News



May 01, 2017, The day the largest and most public piece designed by myself was greeted onto the grounds of Benneydale School.

'Care of the Kokako, Manaaki o te Kokako.'

The mural was designed late November of 2016, and may 01 was blessed by a community gathering, and entire school Powhiri welcoming and blessing the school with their new mural. Watching the faces of all the children at Benneydale school light up with gratitude was a better feeling than revealing the mural itself. Following a Waiata that had me in tears was a speech so bravely spoken by the Head Boy. The day was all about being proud of where we come from,  as I left the school that day (after coffee and cookies) I knew past students, present students and students in the future would take a lot of pride in their Kokako and take extra good care of him. Its always time to talk about the ability and willingness to achieve to kids, not about how small the town is that they come from. 

The staff, Board of Trustee's and the children of Benneydale School made the day the most spectacular and I am forever grateful to have a piece of work in their school that they hold so close to them, you will be seeing more artwork throughout your school in the future. 

Want to see the article? Click here.  






NCEA Level One
            Level Two
Bay of Plenty Polytechnic; 
            Diploma in Computer Graphic Design
            Feb 2013 - November 2014
University of Waikato; 
            Bachelor in Computer Graphic Design
            March 2015 - November 2015


Throughout studying completed a number of odd jobs to gain experience. Discovering a huge interest in branding and Illustration. 
Since leaving University have had 2.3 years experience freelancing, developing a wide range of skills in logo design, illustration, advertising, branding and editing. 




The Lab - Victoria University - Wellington, NZ
Atria Cafe - Wellington Based Cafe, NZ
Benneydale School Mural, NZ
Benneydale School Values Murals x4, NZ
Shoebox Christmas Charity, Wellington NZ
Pera Barrett, Novel Illustration, Wellington NZ
NJCP Apparel, Auckland NZ
Rural Outland Fashion Photoshoot, Tauranga NZ


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